Life is a roller coaster ride, one that takes through beautiful places and times, but sometimes, we face brief shadows of sadness too. Shelly was going through a bad phase. Her dog Milo died a few months ago and she dearly missed her companion that stayed by her side for five years. The loss of a pet can be as traumatic as losing a loved one as they provide constant companionship and are dependent on their owners and it only compounds the attachment one has for one’s pet.

Added to that, the grief of losing a pet is not often understood and goes unnoticed by people around which doesn’t make coping with the loss easy. Luckily for Shelly, she had a friend who understood her loss and supported her through it. Shira decided to gift Shelly charcoal pet portrait a while later, as a memory to remember Milo by. It was not just a remembrance of her pet, it also was a sign of understanding of Shelly’s emotions and her grief. A show of support by a great friend.

This not just made Shelly’s day better, it made our day too when we received a message from our client, turning our otherwise crappy day, brighter.


“I got my friend a personalized drawing of her and her dog after her dog Milo passed away. The artwork came in a timely fashion and was absolutely beautiful! My friend was in tears when she received it. the detail of the artwork was absolutely amazing. I highly recommend SmileMiddle!!!”


It was a proud moment for us, to be able to contribute to someone’s happiness in however small ways we could help. Following images are just a glimpse of how this beautiful piece of artwork was made


Pet portraits are overlooked and we want to change that. Get high-quality portraits at affordable prices at SmileMiddle. 🙂

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