” The greatest blessings after the bounties are the blessings of parents” – AI Razi


This is one of the most touching stories of one of our young clients Ms. Srishti who wanted to do something exceptional and surprise her parents on their 28th Wedding Anniversary.


Not everyone is lucky enough to have the hand of parents on their heads, lucky are those who are blessed with the god’s greatest gifts in our lives.

So the story began a month back in January 2019, when we got a message from Srishti regarding an Oil Painting she wanted to be done for her parents anniversary before 1 month as a token of regard. She wanted the supreme portrait and every minute detail to be done with the utmost care and dedication.

We were quite relaxed on one hand as we had a month in hand to prepare the masterpiece, but on the other hand, we were a little flexed as we understand and respect Srishti’s love and devotion for her parents, and we couldn’t afford any discontentment.

Our dexterous Artists started off with the painting, and there was like some miracle that happened out of fondness and worship. The work was completed in less than a week and the painting stood out amongst many orders. It was one of the best paintings we have curated for our clients till now. This made us believe the fact that “Where there is devotion, there is love”.

We sent the painting to Srishti for review and we were overwhelmed by her response on how excited she was to receive that portrait and gift it to her parents and how eagerly she is waiting to hang it as the wall painting in their bedroom.


As soon as we got the approval, we shipped the order and she got the parcel a day before the Anniversary.

She told us how cheerful her parents were to receive that parcel that when she opened her Dad literally jumped off the bed in zest and her mom screamed and shed joyful tears in pride. They couldn’t be happier than this, Srishti thanked us for our endeavor and how our hard work made her parents anniversary fulfilled and a huge success. We were so gleeful when we heard how all the guests at the party complimented the painting and how our artist became the talk of the party that evening.


We felt highly privileged to have added some artistic touch in Srishti’s parent’s lives and bring a little happiness in their daily life.

SmileMiddle always works to add something meaningful in its customer’s life.

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