Every customer of ours has a unique story and a quirky emotion attached with that particular picture. With the prime motto of bringing smiles on our customers’ faces by providing them quality services and best artistic portraits, we’ve won the trust and satisfaction of all our clients, we get really remarkable feedback every day for the sweat and blood our artists put in to keep their loved ones happy.

But among all, this darling Australian couple’s Love story won our hearts.

So this started off when we received a text on 3rd December 2018 from Mr. Adrian Quinta, who is an Australian native. It was his girlfriend Miss Carla Mascaretti’s birthday when he decided to gift her something unconventional or what other boyfriends might never think of!  He wanted a selfie of his girlfriend, his dog and himself to be transformed into a jaw-dropping Oil Painting. He was hell excited to amaze his girlfriend with such a graceful family picture and so were we.

Our Artist Shireena worked days and nights to bring his expectations to reality. The most pressuring part was when he wanted the delivery by 21st December, 2018 and we hardly had 15 days to complete, ship and dispatch the masterpiece because we wanted the gift to be delivered before her birthday as she was leaving for a New year holiday with her family.

With God’s grace, our efforts paid off and our Artist completed the painting in less than a week and we immediately notified Adrian about the same and showed him the portrait, he was overwhelmed by the portrait and he couldn’t stop appreciating us and wait to receive it in person and gift it to Carla. There was a Sigh of relief and a sort of accomplishment at the same moment.


We were hoping high that this young couple receives the parcel on time because we were eagerly waiting for Carla’s first expression.


Adding to our Joy, Adrian told us that they received the parcel before time and how delighted they were to receive it. On the D’DAY, Adrian and Carla couldn’t stop appreciating our efforts and it really touched us how our efforts got Carla teary-eyed. Carla was crying with joy after looking at the portrait and was so terrified by the Artist’s work that she inquired Adrian to tell her the company name and she immediately placed an order for her father’s 70th birthday.

Here are the exact words from Adrian-

I was actually waiting to leave a review about SmileMiddle till I gave it to my gf and was able to get a picture to add to my review! She LOVEDDDD it!! It is so incredible in person!! She actually begged me to tell her who did it because her dad is turning 70 in a month and she wanted to place an order with a picture of her and her dad today! So you’ll be getting a message from her soon! ( “


We felt highly privileged to add some spice to this young couple’s love story. SmileMiddle always works hard to add something meaningful in its customer’s life.

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