The festive season is here and who doesn’t love gifts? The best gift one could give in this season is a customized artwork for our loved ones. Now, next thing that pops up is the budget and choice of artwork one should go for and for that I’m here to guide you about which is the best artwork for you.

We’ll begin with my personal favorite:


If you like your artwork to be full of vibrant shades then this artwork is just the right pick for you. From memorable family photos to pet portraits, this art medium gets the best out of your image. Whatever photo you choose, oil is a safe choice as a painting as oil can never go wrong. An oil painting can be an ancestral gift that can be passed on for generations. But, I suggest always get an oil painting made on a canvas, so it’s colors are more vivacious and it’s long lasting. If you’re looking for something premium, you should definitely go for Oil Painting.




If you prefer things in clear black and white (like literally) then charcoal is your right choice for sure. This art medium doesn’t take much time and is pocket-friendly. It also smudges and blends very beautifully which is advantageous and disadvantageous both at the same time because it may at times smear more than required. Otherwise, this is the perfect choice for people who want a monochrome look in their outcome. Charcoal art mediums focus more on the main subject’s features rather than on the background so if you want your main subjects to be in focus, you should opt for Charcoal Sketch.




Small rooms and small-sized pencil portraits look great on walls or in frames. The fine lines and shadings that are possible by a pencil cannot be duplicated by any brush or charcoal. Your output will have more gray scale tones and not just monochrome and is perfect for people who are old school souls.




Well, if detail and color layering is what you’re looking for then pencil color would be the right choice. Close up portraits require detailed features, for which pencil color suits well. They are more adept at creating detail than oils, acrylics, or almost anything else out there. The outcome of this art medium comes out to be very artistic and is a mid-range product.




If a semi-transparent look is what you’re expecting out of your artwork then this is just the right choice for you. This medium dries quick but changes can be made even after drying up due to its water-soluble nature. Works well with outdoor/landscape photos. This artwork is a mid-range purchase and is best suitable to embrace your artistic side with a cool play of colors.



So, that was my guide to help you choose your suitable art medium on the basis of nature, cost and time. Hope it turns out to be helpful for you. Choose wisely and gift your loved ones the best gift of their lifetime.



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